2007 Easter Results

Easter Specialty Championship Show 2007

Judge: Mrs Joan Atkinson
of Theakston Dalmatians (UK)


Total Entry: 120

Special Vet Dog (1/1)
1. Gr. Ch. Ravenwynter River Red - R Lucas

Special Vet Bitch (4/6)
1. Gr. Ch. Dumbledeer Youngs Hope (Ai) ET - P J Davies, J & Mrs D Wright
2. Ch Gentry Questionable Lady ET - Helland
3. Gr Ch Ravenwynter Odalisque - Lucas

Best Special Veteran - Gr. Ch. Dumbledeer Youngs Hope (Ai) ET

Veteran Dog (2/3)
1. Gr. Ch. Starswept Mocha Motion - P J Davies, J & Mrs D Wright
2. Ch. Starswept Chimenysweep ET - McConachy

Veteran Bitch (2/4)
1. Ch Dumbledeer Gypsy Roamer - Young
2. Ch Krystaway Nikita La Femme - Harbin

Best Veteran - Gr. Ch. Starswept Mocha Motion

Baby Dog (4/5)
1. Krystaway Dot Dash Dot - Harbin
2. Blairwick Take the Lead - Blair/Chadwick
3. Wanjdal The Philosopher - McLean

Minor Dog (3/3)
1. Trudals Jackson Brown - McNiven
2. Choccaspot Choir Master - Cooper
3. Dalysium Lord Othe Elves - Lewis

Puppy Dog (4/4)
1. Paceaway Tuff Justice - Dyer
2. Paceaway Newzflash - Spencer
3. Ozzispot Kosmik Revolution - Ritson

Junior Dog (5/6)
1. Ch Starswept Just A Gigolo - Davies/Wright
2. Phidgity Poltergeist (imp UK) - Francis
3. Jaybior Jester - Orr

Intermediate Dog (7/7)
1. Dumbledeer U Dared Me - Young
2. Ridotto Prospero (imp SWD) - Burrell
3. Ch Ottatella Cardinal - Johnson
4. Retma Ring Master - Cooper

Aust Bred Dog (8/11)
1. Visualimpact De La Cruz - McConachy
2. Gr Ch Swiftgait The Spellbinder - Besoff, Vernon & Marshall
3. Ch Dalhaven Hey Big Spender - Paterson
4. Dumbledeer Sunspark - Young

Open Dog (8/9)
1. Ch Pampard Paris Project - Besoff, Vernon & Marshall
2. Gr Ch Starwept Canada Holiday AI - Davies/Wright
3. Dumbledeer Sun Dancer - Young
4. Ch Emerlyn Tommy Hilfiger - Blair/Chadwick

Challenge Dog - Visualimpact De La Cruz
Reserve Challenge Dog - Dumbledeer U Dared Me


Neuter Dog (0/1)

Baby Bitch (5/5)
1. Blairwick A New Flame - Blair/Chadwick
2. Yarrowfell High Fashion - Hurst
3. Wanjdal Tuchd By Angels - McLean

Minor Bitch (6/6)
1. Starswept Holiday Glitz - Davies/Wright
2. Sprintaway Arabella - Donald
3. Dalhaven Flaunt It - Paterson

Puppy Bitch (6/6)
1. Ozzispot Time to Shine - Irving
2. Choccaspot Show Stopper - Cooper
3. Paceaway Nite Fire - Paslack/Matthews

Junior Bitch (4/6)
1. Ch Phidgity Potent Potion (Imp UK) - Matthews
2. Ch Jayboir Jade - Orr
3. Emerlyn Déjà vu - Blair/Chadwick

Intermediate Bitch (9/11)
1. Lacrima Christi Charmella (Imp Cro) - McConachy
2. Ch Arraglim Bella Brooklyn - Duncan
3. Lukius Razin Mayhem - Woiwade
4. Paceaway Kendra - Burrell

Aust Bred Bitch (13/14)
1. Ch Starswept Star O Hope - Davies/Wright
2. Ch Sprintaway Rubica Red - Donald
3. Dumbledeer U B Wicked - Lawson
4. Ch Gemcourt Playz With Fire - Marshall
5. Ch Dalmeadow Annie Laurie - Ritson

Open Bitch (11/14)
1. Gr Ch Starwept Balenciaga - Davies/Wright
2. Aust & NZ Ch Rothkeal Firedance at Paceaway (Imp NZ) - Matthews
3. Ch Talimba Too Darn Hot - Irving
4. Ch Hartfeld Bello Regazza - Fraser/Paterson
5. Ch Paceaway Iced Koffee - Dyer

Challenge Bitch - Ch Phidgity Potent Potion (Imp UK)
Reserve Challenge Bitch - Gr Ch Starwept Balenciaga

Neuter Bitch (1/1)
1. Hillofsilver Harlow Mrs L Osmond

Best In Show - Visualimpact De La Cruz
Runner Up Best in Show & Opposite Sex in Show - Ch Phidgity Potent Potion (Imp UK)

Best Baby in Show - Blairwick A New Flame
Opposite Baby in Show - Krystaway Dot Dash Dot

Best Minor Puppy in Show - Starswept Holiday Glitz
Opposite Minor Puppy in Show - Trudals Jackson Brown

Best Puppy in Show - Ozzispot Time to Shine
Opposite Puppy in Show - Paceaway Tuff Justice

Best Junior in Show - Ch Phidgity Potent Potion (Imp UK)
Opposite Junior in Show - Ch Starswept Just A Gigolo

Best Intermediate in Show - Dumbledeer U Dared Me
Opposite Intermediate in Show - Lacrima Christi Charmella (Imp Cro)

Best Aust Bred in Show - Visualimpact De La Cruz
Opposite Aust Bred in Show - Ch Starswept Star O Hope

Best Open in Show - Ch Pampard Paris Project
Opposite Open in Show - Gr Ch Starwept Balenciaga

Best Neuter in Show - Hillofsilver Harlow

Best In Show

Challenge Dog, Australian Bred in Show - Visualimpact De La Cruz

owned by: Mr M & Mrs E McConachy


Runner Up Best In Show

Challenge Bitch, Junior in Show - Ch Phidgity Potent Potion (Imp UK)

owned by: Mrs F Matthews

Reserve Challenges

Reserve Challenge Dog

Dumbledeer U Dared Me
owned by Mr R, Mrs M & Ms P Young

Reserve Challenge Bitch

Gr Ch Starswept Balenciaga
owned by Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright

Special Veteran In Show

Best Special Veteran In Show

Gr. Ch. Dumbledeer Youngs Hope (Ai) ET
Owned by: Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright

Opposite Special Veteran In Show

Gr Ch Ravenwynter River Red
Owned by: Mr R Lucas

Veteran In Show

Best Veteran In Show 

Gr Ch Starswept Mocha Motion (Left)
Owned by: Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright

Opposite Veteran In Show

Ch Ch Dumbledeer Gypsy Roamer CD (Right)
Owned by: Mr R, Mrs M & Ms P Young

Baby Puppy in Show

Best Baby Puppy In show

Blairwick A New Flame (Left)
Owned by: Ms L Blair & Mr P Chadwick

Opposite Baby Puppy In Show

Krystaway Dot Dash Dot (Right)
Owned by: Mr R & Mrs D Harbin

Minor Puppy in Show

Best Minor Puppy In show

Starswept Holiday Glitz
Owned by: Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright

Opposite Minor Puppy In Show

Trudals Jackson Brown
Owned by: Ms J McNiven

Puppy In Show

Best Puppy In Show

Ozzispot Time to Shine (Left)
Owned by: Mr T & Mrs S Irving

Opposite Puppy In Show

Paceaway Tuff Justice (Right)
Owned by: Miss L Dyer

Junior In Show

Best Junior In Show

Ch Phidgity Potent Potion (Imp UK)
Owned by: Mrs F Matthews

Opposite Junior In Show

Ch Starswept Just A Gigolo
Owned by: Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright

Intermediate In Show

Best Intermediate In Show

Dumbledeer U Dared Me (Left)
Owned by: Mr R, Mrs M & Miss P Young

Opposite Intermediate In Show

Lacrima Christi Charmella (Imp Cro) (Right)
Owned by: Mr M & Mrs E McConachy

Australian Bred In Show

Best Australian Bred In Show

Visualimpact De La Cruz
Owned by: Mr M & Mrs E McConachy

Opposite Australian Bred In Show

Ch Starswept Star O Hope
Owned by: Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright

Open In Show

Best Open In Show

Ch Pampard Paris Project (Left)
Owned by: Mr R & Mrs D Besoff, Mr I, Mr J & Mrs S Marshall &
Mr G Vernon

Opposite Open In Show

Gr Ch Starwept Balenciaga (Right)
Owned by:
Mr P Davies & Mr J & Mrs D Wright

Neuter In Show

Best Neuter In Show

Hillofsilver Harlow
Owned by: Mrs L Osmond


My thanks to the members and committee for the invitation to judge. Ian and Marilyn Miller were excellent hosts and my ring steward Gary Howie was wonderful. Your Dalmatians were a pleasure to judge; generally they have excellent spotting, good bone and strong toplines. On the down side I found too many light eyes; which spoil the expression, and straight shoulders. Also lack of flexibility in the pastern. Some exhibits need more ring training to achieve higher placings, as they moved erratically.

Judge: Joan Atkinson.


Special Veteran Sweepstakes: Dogs

1.   R Lucas, Gr Ch Ravenwynter River Red - Substantial liver dog, good head strong topline with well laid shoulder, tight feet but moved erratically. Excellent type


Special Veteran sweepstakes: Bitches

1.   P J Davies, Mr J & Mrs D Wright Gr Ch Dumbledeer Youngs Hope (AI) ET. Good spotting with excellent pigment. Lovely head with a kind expression. Short coupled bitch who really moved well.

2.  Mrs B Helland Ch Gentry Questionable Lady. In excellent condition. Happy temperament. Pretty head, especially good in hind angulation, just moving a little close.

3.  R Lucas Gr Ch Ravenwynter Odalisque. Excellent shoulder & hind angulation. Just lacked a little depth of brisket. Moved close behind. Not as pretty in the head as previous exhibits.


Veteran Sweepstakes: Dogs

1.  P J Davies, J & Mrs D Wright. Gr Ch Starswept Mocha Motion. Rangy, well boned liver dog with exceptional drive. Good head and eye colour, nice reach of neck into a strong topline with well laid shoulders. Quality dog who was best veteran.

2.  Mr & Mrs E McConachy Ch Starswept Chimneysweep (AI) ET. Attractive head & expression, with a good eye colour. Could not match the movement of 1, but an excellent hind angulation and quality exhibit.


Veteran Sweepstakes: Bitches

1.  R M & P Young. Ch Dumbledeer Gypsy Roamer. Black of excellent pigmentation. Substantial with good width of chest. Elegant reach of neck, level topline & steady mover.

2.  R & D Harbin Ch Krystaway Nikita La Femme. Small, good colour liver with a fine head, very good hind angulation, moved a little close.


Baby Puppy Dog

1.  R & D Harbin Krystaway Dot Dot. Well balanced black with a very pretty head, clean neck, strong topline. Good gone & substance with correct hind angulation and a good tail set. Very promising puppy.

2.  Ms L Blair & P Chadwick. Blairwick Take The Lead. Another good puppy, happy temperament. Good pigmentation, well boned, lovely topline and good tail set. Loved him.

3.  W & Mrs J McLean Wandal The Philosoper. Unsettled but moved well. Pretty liver with good construction. Good level topline.


Minor Puppy Dog

1.  Ms J McNiven. Trudals Jackson Brown. Another well made puppy with plenty of bone. Movement was fine for his age and he has a good topline which he kept on the move. Good tail set

2.  Miss K Cooper Choccaspot Choir Master. Needs more confidence, but a very nice liver with attractive spotting. Well boned, he should do well in the future when he settles.

3•  Dr M & Mrs C Lewis Dalysium Lord Othe Elves. Rangy black who needs time to mature. Pretty head, good spotting, topline falls away over croup at the moment and he needs more depth of brisket.


Puppy Dog

1•  Miss L Dyer. Paceway Tuff Justice. Lucifer to his friends but no devilment here. Lovely boy, good spotting & colour. Elegant, with a long reach of neck & level topline. Tight feet and well let down hocks. Very nice puppy.

2•  Mrs B C Spencer Paceway Newzflash. Very good mover, well boned, black, attractive head & expression, level topline & good tail set. Strong hind end.

3•  Mrs L Ritson Ozzispot Kosmik Revolution. Good bone and a long reach of neck. A little wide in front, needs more time to mature.


Junior Dog

1•  P J Davies, J & Mrs D Wright. Ch Starswept Just a Gigolo. Stunning dog. Outstanding coat & condition with wonderful spotting & excellent confirmation. Well balanced and shown to perfection by an excellent handler. This dog is an asset to the breed. At the moment he lacks the substance and maturity for me to give him the top honours but I really loved him.

2•  S Francis. Phidgity Poltergeist (Imp UK ). Has the substance & maturity I like in a dog. Another attractive black in wonderful condition. Well handled. I liked his strength over the topline & croup. Just needs to drop his tail to improve the picture on the move.

3•  Miss J Orr. Jaybird Jester. Rangy black with lots of substance. Good spring of rib, excellent tail set and movement.


Intermediate Dog

1•  R & M & P Young, Dumbledeer U Dared Me. Beautiful black spotting. Lovely head with elegant neck, strong topline & excellent quarters. Correct depth of brisket, well sprung ribs and well defined second thigh. An eye catching dog that did not disappoint on closer inspection. Reserve Best Dog.

2•  P J & MJ Burrell Ridotto Prospero (Imp Swd). Similar in type to 1 just not so strong in topline. Lovely head & a dark eye. Good spotting & excellent depth of pigment.

3•  D G Johnson Ch Ottatella Cardinal. Substantial, well decorated liver with excellent spring of rib and hind angulation. Moved well but a little unsettled.

4•  Ms K Cooper Retma Ring Master. Attractive black dog with good depth and construction. Moved soundly.


Australia Bred Dog

1•  M & Mrs E McConachy. Visualimpact De La Cruz. He certainly made an impact on me. Oozes quality, loads of ring presence, and just such an honest dog. Good coat and eye colour. Well muscled, particularly in second thigh and good construction in shoulders. Excellent topline & tail set and he used it to advantage. Wonderful temperament and his handler got the best from him. Best Dog and Best in show.

2•  Besoff, Vernon & Marshall GrCh Swiftgait the Spellbinder. Liver of excellent colour. Taller than 1 with good bone and an elegant neck leading into a level topline. Moved and handled well.

3•  S Paterson Ch Dalhaven Hey Big Spender. Smaller black with good pigment. Well handled and he used his hocks when moving. Slight wrinkle over wither.

4•  R & M & P Young Dumbledeer Sunspark. Similar type to 3 but not such a good tail set.


Open Dog

1•  R & D Besoff, I J & S Marshal & G Vernon . Ch Pampard Paris Project. Lovely mature black with good bone & spotting. Strong in topline with excellent bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved & showed well. Best Open.

2•  P J Davies, J & Mrs D Wright. Gr Ch Starswept Canada Holiday (AI). Smaller & short coupled with good bone for his size. Eye catching spotting. Very attractive head with a dark eye. A little short in upper arm, but an excellent type with lots of quality.

3•  R & M & P Young. Dumbledeer Sun Dancer. Excellent pigmentation, attractive head and good front angulation. Moved with drive and precision.

4•  Ms L Blair & P Chadwick. Ch Emerlyn Tommy Hilfiger. Attractive black dog with good depth of brisket. Just fell away over his croup. Moved well.


Baby Puppy Bitch

1•  Ms L Blair & P Chadwick. Blairwick A New Flame. Dog the judge would like to take home please! Loved this well balanced little charmer. Everything in harmony for her age. Dark eye level topline and the happiest of temperaments. Best Baby Puppy.

2•  Lt Col , Mrs, Mr T & Miss P Hurst. Yarrowfell High Fashion. Another good baby, spotty face with appealing expression. Bone & topline excellent & good angulation fore & aft.

3•  W & Mrs J Mclean. Wanjdal Tuchd by Angels. Pretty liver girl in excellent condition. Good bone & substance, level croup with well set tail.


Minor Puppy Bitch

1•  P J Davies, J & Mrs D Wright. Starswept Holiday Glitz. Elegant young lady of substance. Very pretty face with good neck & long level topline. Nicely let down hocks. Very promising puppy. Best Minor Puppy.

2•  L & M Donald Sprintaway Arabella. Lovely clear spots and a good personality . Good bone & substance but she needs to settle on the move. Excellent hind angulation.

3•  S Paterson . Dalhaven Flaunt It. Lovely elegant liver with a pretty head and long reach of neck. Level topline & good construction. She needs more confidence in the ring to show off her virtues. Movement today erratic.


Puppy Bitch

1•  T & Mrs S Irving. Ozzispot Time to Shine. Striking black bitch with very good front & hind angulation. Pretty head with a dark eye. Strong topline, tail a little short. Moved extremely well. Best Puppy.

2•  Ms K Cooper. Choccaspot Show Stopper. I decided that this bitch had so much quality and excelled in type & confirmation that I would forgive her ring shyness. When she gets her act together I think she will be terrific.

3•  J Paslack, Mrs FEL Matthews. Paceaway Nite Fire. Smart liver of good colour. Finer type than 2. Good hind angulation and she moved well.


Junior Bitch

1•  Mrs F E L Matthews. Ch Phidgity Potent Potion (imp UK ). I found this bitch to be outstanding in her class. Decoration, coat condition, head and expression were all wonderful. She has a strong topline and croup. Well let down hocks which she uses to advantage on the move and an outgoing personality. Her handler needs to stand of her more and I do not like to see a dogs' feet nudged into place by the handlers' feet. Having said that I could not deny her Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex In Show as she has such type & quality.

2•  Miss J Orr Ch Jaybior Jade. A balanced bitch with well laid shoulders and good bend of stifle. Correct depth of brisket. Short level topline and correct bend of stifle. A quality bitch.

3•  Ms L Blair & P Chadwick. Emerlyn Déjà Vu. Very similar to 2 but not so good in the hind quarters. Attractive with a good temperament.


Intermediate Bitch

1•  M & Mrs E McConachy. Lacrima Christi Charmella (imp Cro). An absolute stunner. Elegant & substance. Darkest of pigment with lovely decoration. Pretty head with long reach of neck and strong topline leading to well let down hocks. Strong second thigh. Falls apart on the move and I couldn't give her any higher honours.

2•  D & Mrs S Duncan. Ch Arraglim Bella Brooklyn . Smart liver bitch with a pretty spotty face. Good eye colour, good depth of brisket, level topline with nice bend of stifle.

3•  Ms R Waiwade. Lukius Razin Mayhem. Well boned liver with an elegant reach of neck, strong topline and well set on tail. Very good mover.

4•  P J & M J Burrell, Paceaway Kendra. Rangy bitch in good condition. Well arched neck and level topline. Spotting not as clear on 3.


Australian Bred Bitch

1•  P J Davies J & Mrs D Wright. Ch Starswept Star of Hope. Striking bitch with excellent spotting. Well off for bone. Good depth of brisket, tight feet, well let down hocks. Tail high on the move.

2•  M & Mrs L Donald. Ch Sprintaway Rubica Red. Tall, elegant liver, long level topline with good hind angulation. Has a tendency to overstretch.

3•  Mrs J Lawson. Dumbledeer U B Wicked. Smaller type of bitch with good depth of brisket, strong topline & excellent bend of stifle. Moved well.

4•  Mr & Mrs J Marshall & Mr I Marshal. Ch Gemcourt Playz with Fire. Spotty liver with plenty of bone & substance. Well angulated shoulders, tight feed, moved with drive.

5•  Mrs L Ritson. Ch Dalmeadow Annie Laurie. Very pretty bitch with good bone. Elegant reach of neck and level topline.


Open Bitch

1•  P J Davies J & Mrs D Wright Gr Ch Starswept Balenciaga. A really sound bitch with lots of type and quality. Excellent bone & feet. Well laid shoulders, long neck and a wonderful temperament. Reserve Best Bitch

2•  Mrs F E L Matthews. Aust & NZ Ch Rothkeal Firedance at Paceaway. (Imp NZ). Smart black in good condition. Strong topline, good hind angulation, moved well.

3•  T & Mrs S Irving. Ch Talimba Too Darn Hot. Taller bitch with attractive spotting. Elegant reach of neck, well bodied with good tailset.

4•  Miss E Frazer & S Paterson . Ch Hartfield Bello Regazza. Compact liver with good depth & substance. Well shown she moved nicely.

5•  Miss L Dyer. Ch Paceaway Iced Koffee. Excellent liver with very good decoration. Pretty head & elegant neck. Not moving so well today.


Neuter Bitch

1 Mrs L Osmond Hillofsilver Harlow. This pretty bitch stood alone but was a worthy winner. Good colour & size, she has a kind expression. Nicely arched neck & well balanced construction. She moved calmly & positively aroundthe ring. Very nice type.