Dalmatian Welfare

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Co-ordinator: Mrs Marilyn Miller 0425 285 205

Mrs Andy Robertson 02 9635 3506

Mr Ian Miller 02 9634 6458

Please phone between 8am – 6pm AEST

Monday to Saturday

Email [email protected]


The Club enjoys a close association with The RSPCA, The Animal Welfare league and the Sydney Dogs Home. Our own efforts in re-housing and caring for Dalmatians are much assisted by these organisations

Since 1973 The Dalmatian Club of New South Wales Inc has run a welfare service for Dalmatians requiring re-housing for any number of reasons.

Over the years we have re-homed Dalmatians straight from the Council animal shelters (after making every effort to trace the owner), or arising from the death of an owner, and sometimes because the Dalmatian and the home were just not 'right' for each other. Indiscriminate backyard breeding and the popularity of the Disney films have been unfortunate contributors as well.

And it's not just the Sydney area which the Club covers; our membership is widespread and there are very active and willing members throughout New South Wales.

Our Club raises funds throughout the year for the Welfare Service - it's not cheap to vaccinate, microchip and neuter a Dalmatian, ensure he/she is correctly registered and sometimes, see to injuries, before finding him/her a loving home.

The Dalmatian Club of New South Wales desexes all rescues before being rehomed. We believe the Dalmatian's own needs are paramount. Dalmatians require/need a safe and loving environment where they can provide friendship and company for their new owners.

Dalmatians who are placed through our Welfare Service are very special - and the people who eventually receive a rescue Dalmatian are thus very carefully 'vetted' to ensure the new home is the right home for the rest of the Dalmatian's life. Life on the rebound can be confusing and frightening for any dog - and we want to make sure he/she has every possible chance. Our welfare volunteers, wherever possible, follow up after placement to ensure the Dalmatian is happy in his/her new environment.

The Welfare committee are always on the lookout for potential new homes so if an older Dalmatian is a possibility in your home, think about contacting the Club and putting your name forward to be considered for a Welfare Dalmatian.