2012 August Open Results

The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc - Open Show
26th August 2012

Judge:- Mrs Cathy Smith (NSW)

Special Veteran Sweepstakes (2/2)
1. Gr Ch Starswept Balenciaga (Davies/Wright)
2. Gr Ch Starswept Canada Holiday AI (Davies/Wright)

Veteran Sweepstakes (3/3)
1. Ch Dumbledeer Tinkerbelle CCD (Young)
2. Ch Hillofsilver Lazer (Doong)
3. Ch Wanjdal Tuscan Sun (McLean)

Neuter Sweepstakes (3/3)
1. Neut Ch Lukius Flying Finish (Woiwade)
2. Starswept Southern Cross (Davies/Wright)
3. Ch & Neut Ch Hillofsilver Kavalier (McLean)

Baby Dog (2/2)
1. Telde Naughty Choc Obsession (Lawson)
2. Wanjdal On the Run (McLean)

Minor Puppy Dog (0/1)

Puppy Dog (2/3)
1. Telde Guns and Roses (Dunscombe)
2. Telde Rosewood (Atkinson/Leys)

Junior Dog (2/2)
1. Ch Starswept Iced Mocha AI (Davies/Wright)
2. Krystaway Minister of Magic (Thompson)

Intermediate Dog (3/4)
1. Whytewood Jacks Choc Delight AI (Lawson)
2. Starswept Galileo AI (Sullivan)
3. Starswept Scottish Sovereign AI (Jones)

Aust Bred Dog (2/2)
1. Ch Gentry Justa Rock Star (Godyn)
2. Dallydom Digger (Brown)

Open Dog (3/3)
1. Ch Dumbledeer U Dared Me CCD (Young)
2. Visualimpact Saffron Rice (McConachy)
3. Ch Dallydome Cruxx (Dunscombe)

Best Dog -Whytewood Jacks Choc Delight AI
Reserve Best Dog -Ch Starswept Iced Mocha AI

Baby Bitch (5/5)
1. Telde Naughty But Delightful (Lawson)
2. Telde Naughty and Flirtacious (Lawson)
3. Jaybior Kunzea (Orr)

Minor Puppy Bitch (1/2)
1. Dimadal Jazzie Jade (Osmond)

Puppy Bitch (1/2)
1. Starswept Mochachococino AI (Sullivan)

Junior Bitch (0/0)

Intermediate Bitch (3/4)
1. Visualimpact Divine Chocolat (McConachy)
2. Dumbledeer Aesturias (Young)
3. Telde Mischievous Kiss (Lawson)

Aust Bred Bitch (6/7)
1. Gr Ch Lukius Solar Flare ET (Woiwade)
2. Ch Visualimpact Star Attraction (McConachy)
3. Ch Gentry Swept By Stars (Davies/Wright)

Open Bitch (2/3)
1. Ch Hillofsilver Lillibet (Johnson)
2. Withdrawn (injured)

Best Bitch -Gr Ch Lukius Solar Flare ET
Reserve Challenge Bitch -Ch Visualimpact Star Attraction



Best In Show - Gr Ch Lukius Solar Flare ET
Runner Up Best in Show - Ch Visualimpact Star Attraction
Opposite Sex In Show - Whytewood Jacks Choc Delight AI

Best Baby Puppy In Show -Telde Naughty Choc Obsession

Minor Puppy in Show -Dimadal Jazzie Jade

Best Puppy in Show -Telde Guns and Roses

Best Junior in Show -Ch Starswept Iced Mocha AI

Best Intermediate in Show -Visualimpact Divine Chocolat

Best Aust Bred in Show -Gr Ch Lukius Solar Flare ET

Best Open in Show -Ch Hillofsilver Lillibet