2015 October Results

October Championship Show 2015

Judge: Mrs Ilex Whiting (UK) of Cragvallie Dalmatians

Best In Show

Dog Challenge, Intermediate in Show - Ch Telde Magical Rupert Murdog


Runner Up Best In Show

Reserve Dog Challenge, Open in Show - Sup Ch Sprintaway Chief Cheroke



Bitch Challenge
& Reserve Bitch Challenge

Bitch Challenge Dog - Krystaway Remote Access

Reserve Challenge Bitch - Sup Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi


Special Veteran In Show

Best Special Veteran In Show -Ch Dumbledeer U Dare Me CCD RN



Veteran In Show

Best Veteran In Show -Ch Gentry Justa Rockstar


Baby Puppy In Show

Best Baby Puppy In Show -Lukius No Rest For The Wicked

Opposite Baby Puppy In Show - Adstaff Schaibles Legacy AI


Minor Puppy In Show

Best Minor Puppy In Show -Starswept Perfect Holiday AI



Puppy In Show

Best Puppy In Show -Dimadal Oh Me Oh My




Junior In Show

Best Junior In Show -Krystaway Remote Access


Opposite Junior In Show - Visualimpact European Master AI


Intermediate In Show

Best Intermediate In Show -Ch Telde Magical Rupert Murdog


Opposite Intermediate In Show - Paceaway Red Poppy


Australian Bred In Show

Best Australian Bred In Show -Sup Ch Krystaway Weekend Hustler


Opposite Australian Bred In Show - Ch Sprintaway Shakiera


Open In Show

Best Open In Show -Sup Ch Sprintaway Chief Cheroke


Opposite Open In Show - Sup Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi


Best Open Neuter in Show

Ch & Neut Ch Coastdal Princess Lilly Rose


Very many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge at their Championship show and to the excellent hospitality shown to me. Also a big thankyou to my very efficient steward Jules who kept the proceedings moving smoothly. A huge thankyou to Karen and David for the photographic record of my winners which I shall treasure. The exhibitors were a great bunch and accepted my decisions in good spirit, it was a great pleasure to go over your dogs.

I found the Australian dogs much more even in type than those in the U.K. Overall their front construction was far superior with sufficient forechest and depth, so lacking in many U.K. dogs, and so essential in a ‘road going’ dog. A few displayed a ‘paddling’ action when coming towards me, but I suspect the heat may have contributed to this. One of my pet hates is tails: either set on high or carried too high, I did find a few like this which also tended to be a bit shorter than hock length. This does detract from the appearance of the dogs outline. Whilst it may be expected in an older dog, some of the younger dogs did have some ticking amongst their spots, I wasn’t sure if the higher temperatures and higher U.V. in Australia may be a contributing factor, so I tended to forgive it.

After judging I found most of my principle winners were related which suggests I was able to judge to type. There was no having to ‘look underneath’ the dogs were masculine and the bitches feminine which is how they should be. You have some very decent dogs in Australia and with selective breeding should be able to improve even further and eradicate any minor faults in a couple of generations. Thank you all for allowing me the honour of judging your lovely dogs, it really was a day to remember.


1st Young’s CH DUMBLEDEER U DARE ME CCD RN - 10 year old black spotted dog with good balanced outline, good depth of brisket, short strong loin. Good angulation to front and rear with fair turn of stifle. Standing on neat feet, legs have nice round bone. Kind head and expression with nicely broken ears. Easy powerful stride viewed in profile, holding a level topline with good tail carriage.

2nd Woiwade’s CH / NEUT CH GEMCOURT ANADOT REGAL ET - 12 year old lovely coloured liver spotted lady with even decoration and lovely amber coloured eyes. Fair length of neck into nicely sloping shoulders. Balanced in body with good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved very soundly for her age.

1st Godyn’s CH GENTRY JUSTA ROCKSTAR - 9 year old black spotted boy with typical head and dark eyes. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Pronounced forechest and good depth of brisket. Strong balanced body and good level topline with correct tailset. Moved true but a little close behind.

1ST ’Brien’s CH NEUT CH COASTDAL PRINCESS LILLY ROSE - Lightly spotted liver girl with lovely dark eyes and well broken ears. A fraction straight in upper arm but has a good layback of shoulder. Nice tight feet. Balanced in body with good topline and tail carriage. Really free movement. Best Neuter in Show.

2ND Osmond’s NEUT CH DIMADAL JAZZIE JADE - Heavier marked black bitch with excellent depth of pigmentation, very pretty head, good eye colour. Good angulation both ends with well turned stifles. Tended to roach a little on the move in profile but true fore and aft.

1st Woiwade’s ADSTAFF SCHAIBLES LEGACY (AI) - Very ‘wriggly’ 5 month old baby who shows lots of promise. Nicely decorated body and darkest of eyes. Moved out well keeping a strong topline.

2ND Landon’s VALLEYSPOT DANGEROUSLY DAPPER (AI) - Slightly younger and a bit overawed at his first appearance. Good bone and substance for age. Nicely proportioned head. Very puppyish movement which is to be expected, time is on his side.

1st Woiwade’s LUKIUS NO REST FOR THE WICKED - What a little sweetie this liver baby is, just oozes personality. A bit sparsely spotted but has nicely broken ears. So well balanced for age with a lovely outline and steady sound movement. She really shouldn’t look so good at this age, just hope she grows in the same proportions in which case she should easily reach the top. Best Baby Puppy in Show.

2ND Johnson’s OTTATELLA AURELLA - Nicely balanced black with even decoration and good eye colour. Nothing exaggerated about her with good angulation each end, level topline and good tail carriage.

3RD McConachy’s TELDE FIRST LOOK OF DELIGHT (AI) - Stunning black and white, with tremendous depth of pigmentation. Excellent showgirl expertly handled. On entering the ring I thought she would have been my winner but tail rather high set which detracts from the overall picture, but still a lovely young lady who shows great promise.


1ST McConachy’s VISUALIMPACT EUROPEAN MASTER (AI) - Balanced masculine dog just out of puppy with good depth to body standing on good strong legs. Lovely neck flowing into good shoulders. Nicely turned stifles and well let down hocks. Powerful movement driving from well muscled quarters. Not the most outgoing temperament, but very good for breed type.

2ND Harbin’s CH KRYSTAWAY SCREEN SHOT - Heavier marked black with lovely tight feet. Balanced outline but tail a tad short. Not so positive in movement as winner.

1ST Dunscombe’s CH TELDE MAGICAL RUPERT MURDOG - Liver spotted boy with evenly decorated body, kind masculine head with lovely amber eye colour. Excellent forehand construction with sufficient depth of brisket, straight well boned legs, standing on good feet. Balanced outline just slightly longer than high, short loin. His well muscled quarters provided by far the best movement in the class having a powerful rhythmic stride covering plenty of ground in profile, and sound viewed fore and aft, kept his topline on the move with nicely set on tail. Good turn of stifle and well let down hocks, but for perfection would prefer more width of thigh. Easy winner in a class of poor front movement and high set on tails. Pleased to award him Best Dog and Best in Show.

2ND Bower’s CH STARSWEPT SIRIUSLY ON FIRE - Attractively marked black spotted dog, with excellent pigmentation, more compact than winner and slightly finer in bone. Nicely put together with well turned stifles. Tail a bit high set which spoils the outline.

3RD Lawson & Leys’ TELDE MAC HEATH - Heavier marked black with good depth of pigmentation, kind head and expression. Plenty of forechest and good depth of brisket. Good strong bone, well developed second thigh and nice turn to stifles. Kept his topline on the move.

1st Harbin’s SUP CH KRYSTAWAY WEEKEND HUSTLER - Lovely decorated liver spotted male with perfect balance and correct body proportions. Strong bone, good front angulation matched in rear by well developed second thigh and good turn of stifles. Moved out with long stride in profile keeping a good topline

2ND O’Brien’s CH THUNDERSPOT RIGHT KINDOF WRONG - Another nice liver boy, very similar in make and shape to the winner. A bit looser in front movement but drove out well in profile. Loved the handler leaving this boy to stand naturally with no held up tail.

1st Donald’s SUP CH SPRINTAWAY CHIEF CHEROKE - Beautifully balanced dog with good angulation at each end. Easily the best movement in the class with long economical stride, driving from well muscled quarters. Handled quietly and sympathetically to bring out the best in him. Reserve Best Dog and Runner Up Best in Show.

2ND Thompson’s KRYSTAWAY MINISTER OF MAGIC - Another black spotted boy with attractive head well broken ears and dark eyes. Heavier in front than 1 with good depth of brisket, still has a balanced outline to body. A bit flappy in front movement.

3RD McConachy’s VISUALIMPACT CHARLIE BROWN- Liver spotted with good even decoration, a tad light in eye. Liked his overall type. Excellent bone and feet, good construction throughout with well balanced body. Front movement could have been more positive.

1st Godyn’s STARSWEPT PERFECT HOLIDAY (AI) - 7 month old nicely marked black spotted young lady who needs time to come together. Her front and rear angulation are well matched, with good turn of stifle. She moved soundly with an even stride keeping a good level topline. Should have a bright future.

1st Osmond’s DIMADAL OH ME OH MY - Densest of black on pure white with a sweet feminine head and lovely dark eyes. Very well balanced outline and steady in movement.

2ND Ferris’ COASTDAL FLIRTY IN FLORENCE - Very pretty baby with nice markings. Played her handler up on the move but shows promise and should do well when she settles.

1st Harbin’s KRYSTAWAY REMOTE ACCESS - Lovely liver bitch with evenly marked body spotting and very pretty head with nicely broken ears. Totally balanced outline with good length of upper arm and layback of shoulder, rear compliments the front with sufficient turn of stifle, good width of thigh and well let down hocks. Perfectly handled on a loose lead to show off her excellent movement. One I would be proud to own. Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex in Show.

2ND McConachy’s VISUALIMPACT SWEET PERFECTION (AI) - Another liver bitch with lovely feminine head. Good angulation throughout. Tending to over-reach on the move.

1st Donald’s PACEAWAY RED POPPY - Absolutely sound on the move with excellent profile movement, good length of stride and plenty of forward reach, driving from well muscled quarters. Good coloured liver spotting with lovely head and expression. Balanced outline, just the right amount of forechest and depth of brisket, ribbing carried well back and nice short loin.

2ND Doong’s HILLOFSILVER STARLETT - Heavier marked black, pretty head with dark eyes. Good body construction, has well developed 2nd thigh and good turn of stifle.

3RD Harbin’s CH KRYSTAWAY GLITTERATI - Very feminine lady nicely decorated with good outline and angulation. Not as positive in front movement as 1 & 2.

1st Donald’s CH SPRINTAWAY SHAKIERA - Liver lady who was the soundest on the move in this class. She has good construction with plenty of depth to front and well sprung ribs. Powerful driving action from strong rear assembly, giving lots of ground covering strides.

2ND McConachy’s CH VISUALIMPACT STAR ATTRACTION - Lovely make and shape with good angles front and rear. Tracks true but was slightly favouring one hind leg so had to pay the penalty.

3RD Young’s CH DUMBLEDEER AESTURIAS CD - Jet black spotting on pure white coat. Very feminine head with good dark eyes. Super make and shape, she has elegance combined with sufficient substance. Good profile movement and true view from the rear but not so positive in front.


1st Harbin’s SUP CH HILLOFSILVER PAPARAZZI - Won this class on her superior movement, tracking true when viewed fore and aft, good in profile with long easy stride with plenty of forward reach. Pretty feminine girl with even decoration to body, attractive head carried on nice clean neck, good topline and tail carriage. Reserve Best Bitch.

2ND Young’s CH COASTDAL TAKE A CHANCE ON ME RN - Lovely type with very attractive head and evenly distributed spotting. Strong well muscled rear assembly which provided plenty of propulsion, excellent profile movement but tended to paddle a bit when viewed head on.

3RD Donald’s PACEAWAY SABARI - A natural showgirl who demanded attention, attractive markings. Good front with plenty of lung and heart room. Tail a little high set which spoils the overall outline.