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2018 16th Dalmatian National Specialty - 13th October 2018

The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc is hosting the 16th Dalmatian National Specialty in October this year. Judge Mrs Ludmila Fintorova from Plum Puddings Dalmatians will be traveling to Australia from Slovakia to Judge for this first time here. In addition to being licensed toaward CCs in Dalmatians, she has FCI Group 10 and 4 and several breeds from Groups 2/5/6/7. Mrs Fintorova first started to judging in 1977 and has judged throughout Europe. Below is an excerpt from her Eurodogshow 2017 Judge information:

Dogs have always been a part of my life.

Through dogs I met my husband and made best friends. I had some various breeds and now I have one dalmatian, multiple foxterriers and a miniature dachshound.

We bred dalmatians with my husband under a kennel called Plum pudding .

My profession is close to my hobby, I am a painter specialising in dog and horse portraits.

I really like well balanced dogs which are perfectly fit for their function. I do not like exaggeration and I like dogs that are friendly to the judge. I really enjoy watching dogs playing on the green grass.

I started to judge forty years ago and in the meantime I judged at Worlddog showsEuropedan Dog Shows, Winner Amsterdam, Bundessieger in Germany and Austria, specialties in many countries in Europe including Sighound specialties Skokloster /Sweden/, Donau Echingen /Germany/ and Lago Garda in Italy.